July 19, 2024 7:48 PM

Sorbete De Pavia: A Sweet Legacy


One of Pavia’s prides is its “sorbete” or homemade ice cream which is sought after by aficionados and by those who simply love excellent frozen creamy delights in our almost always hot weather conditions. 

Pavia’s artisan ice cream is not widely publicized but it owes its fame from word of mouth because of its excellent quality and is an open secret among the many who enjoy treating their guests and families during special milestones with this cool velvety delight.

“Sorbete” was first peddled in 1965 by the Guadaña siblings named Jovito, Angel and Bernandino who were or all natives of Barangay Anilao of the town of Pavia, Iloilo. The brothers were all skilled artisans who made ice cream by hand in a traditional way using high-quality ingredients.

The sorbete was peddled in colorfully painted wooden carts and customers were drawn in with the rhythmic ringing of a handheld bell. The ice cream were served in cones then and usually consisted of three flavors. The ice cream business proved to be a success which paved the way for the Guadaña brothers to expand their business by selling in nearby places and venturing out in other towns. The businesses were handed down by the brothers to their respective families, but Pavia remained the center of their operations up to the present.

Today, new players have also entered the sorbete landscape, most of whom have ties with the Guadañas, and carts are already attached to bicycles/motorcycles but the quality remains to be the best in Iloilo province. Most in demand flavors include buko-cheese, ube and mango. Also gaining popularity are strawberry, avocado and combination of the flavors. Other flavors that customers have requested are tomato jam, malunggay, carrot, corn, banana, honey-ginger and mango float.

Recently, Pavia’s most popular delicacy – the Bayebaye – has become an instant favorite ice cream flavor after being launched in a contest. This flavor is consists of chunks of delectable bayebaye and young coconut in a creamy vanilla ice cream base. Surely, a marriage made in food heaven of two of Pavia’s prides: Sorbete and Bayebaye!

Indeed, with Sorbete de Pavia, our beloved municipality can claim it also has a ‘sweet’ history that started more than half a century ago and counting.

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