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Braving the Pandemic: The Pavia Cultural Initiatives


The extraordinary desire to pursue giving honor and reverence for culture and tradition in the face of the pandemic is a defining moment for Pavia.

Almost everything was in place for the year 2020, the last year of the decade, in terms of the usual cultural activities that every Pavianhon knows by heart – Kaadlawan sang Pavia, municipal fiesta, fairs, garden shows, competitions, food festivals, Carabao-Carroza Festival, Tigkaralag Festival and Paskua sa Pavia.

And then the unimagined happened in the later part of the first quarter of 2020 – a virulent disease was spreading and the world literally held its breath and dropped everything that it was doing.

While almost all others made the pandemic an excuse to do nothing, even when restrictions were lowered, Pavia did not miss a beat. Neither one of its festivals nor any customary cultural activities were missed even though some were celebrated beyond its original schedule.

The following events – filmed, live or hybrid – which streamed online catapulted the Municipality of Pavia to newer heights as it led the pack in the region at the height of the pandemic in virtual celebrations:

2020 – October 31 *29th Tigkaralag Festival

– November/December

*Pavia Hymn and Pavia Promotional Video Shoot and Production

– December 19, 20 and 21

*Paskua sa Pavia

– December 22

*48th Carabao-Carroza Festival Queen   Search Pageant and Coronation Night

2021 – January 8

*Centennial Year Opening Celebration

* almost monthly Centennial activitie (bloodletting activities, garden show,   mass wedding ceremonies, dog show)

– May 31

* Carabao Carroza Festival Parade and              

* Festival Queen Search

– June 12

* Independence Day celebration

– October 31

*Tigkaralag Festival

– December 24

*Paskua sa Pavia presents Parol sa Belen

– December 24

*Pavia: One Centuryfic “A Night of     History in Music and Motion”

2022 – January 14

*Blessing of Centennial Building

*Groundbreaking of PAVIA sign site

Pavia is not one to rest on its laurels. The pandemic has not deterred its desire to give its people what it deserves because to quote Mayor Luigi Gorriceta “it would be a disservice to my constituents if the cultural legacy of our town are not preserved, protected and promoted… because the fight against the virus does not only involve the physical aspect of a person, but most importantly its psychological impact. The continuance of tourism and cultural activities is my obligation and I believe has helped my beloved constituents to feel that there is hope and that the things they are accustomed to can be celebrated amidst these dangerous times.”

As the World Health Organization declared the end of COVID-19 pandemic as global health emergency, stopping is not in the vocabulary of the Municipality of Pavia. More innovative and grander events are expected. It has proven itself against the unknown then and it has no reason now to cower when medical advances have produced vital knowledge, vaccines and treatment to the once dreaded mysterious disease. As proof, not one infected person was traced to have gotten the virus in one of the cultural activities.

In closing, here is another quotable quote from the very decisive and strong-willed Mayor Luigi Gorriceta: “Turismo kag Kultura… Arangka pa sa Pavia!

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