July 14, 2024 8:56 PM

Bayebaye of Pavia


The Municipality of Pavia in the Province of Iloilo prides itself as having a delicacy all its own – the Baye-baye!

The bayebaye is a sweet Filipino treat made of a mix of glutinous rice pinipig (malagkit in Filipino, pilit in Hiligaynon or Ilonggo, the local language in Panay and Negros Occidental) or ground corn kernels, and grated young coconut formed into

It is also said that the delicacy is named “baye-baye” because it was believed before that is usually the women (“baye/babaye” or woman in Ilonggo/Hiligaynon language) who often prepare this due to the tedious process of making it.

This unique treat is, more often than not, associated with the observance of “Tigkaralag” or All Souls Day but certainly it is a year-round treat perfectly paired with your beverage of choice or eaten as a snack whenever hunger pangs strike.

Many tried to imitate and assert baye-baye as their own but Pavia is a class of its own and is considered as an institution in Iloilo as far as this unique delicacy is concerned.

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