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The Development of the Regional Agro-Industrial Center
By: Engr. Baltazar J. Gumana

The industrialization of Pavia started in the late 1960’s with the establishment of Coca-Cola and Pepsi Bottlers. The magnetic attraction to locate in Pavia continued as resident and non-resident industrialists and investors started to establish manufacturing plants in the early 1980’s.

Due to the development going on during that period, the provincial government of Iloilo identified Pavia as the provincial industrial location.

To pursue a vigorous campaign in promoting the municipality as such, the Sangguniang Bayan passed SB Resolution 1552 in 1988, said resolution offered tax incentives to industrial locators.

1990, the Municipality of Pavia was officially declared as the Regional Agro-Industrial Center (RAIC) of Western Visayas. The RAIC is the center piece component of the Panay-Negros Agro-Industrial Special Development Project (PANA-SDP).
During the later part of 1990’s the LGU of Pavia initiated the application of a Special Economic Zone with the Philippine Economic Zone Authority. The application however, did not progress due to lack of private investors during the time of the Asian financial crisis.
Since then, individual locators, come in to locate their manufacturing plants along the major roads of Pavia due to the absence of a developed industrial estate and park.

Today, Pavia is now home to a number of prestigious manufacturing establishments. Among the biggest investors/ locators are; Coca-Cola Bottlers Phils. Inc., Vitarich Corporation, Solid Gas Inc., Mandaue Foam Industries, Panay
Tropical Grains Milling Corp., Jaspe Light Steel Industries, Visayas Coco Development Corp., New Panay Agri-Ventures Development Inc., Pavia Feed Mill, Prestress International Concrete Builders and are complimented by numerous small and micro-industries.
In the future, Pavia shall continue to be the industrial area of Western Visayas due to its strategic location, available power, water and communication facilities and amenities and being the gateway to Iloilo City from the Iloilo Airport of International Standard in Cabatuan, Iloilo. The LGU shall likewise continue its banner program on industrial development.


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