July 19, 2024 8:18 PM

Padayon Sa Pag-Arangka Ang Agrikultura Sa Pavia!!


The Municipality of Pavia is still an agricultural community despite of rapid industrial and economic development moving towards an urban community. Identification of the Strategic Agricultural and Fishery Development Zone (SAFDZ), a protected area/zone for agricultural development is an aid for food security for a fast progressing area like Pavia.

The municipality together with the Bureau of Soil and Water Management (BSWM) of the Department of Agriculture has identified the three (3) top producing irrigated barangays as the Municipal SADFZ. These are Barangays Cabugao Norte (157.95 ha.), Pagsanga-an (132.60 ha.) and Tigum (247.00 ha.) a total of 537.55 ha.

The identified SAFDZ is 46.14% of the total agricultural area and 59.09% of the total rice area of the municipality a promising sub crop development zone to produce rice that can meet the increasing demand of the growing community.

Thus, the Municipality is giving attention in agriculture sector to increase production in crops and animals. Empowering farmers’ association and agricultural sectors to attain food security, sustainable agricultural development and agricultural extension services. There are two major programs for agriculture sector. First the Agricultural Development

Programs which aims to provide assistance to crop producers, animal raisers, farmer association and other agriculture sectors with the help of various agricultural resources. Providing protection, assisting in the research sphere, employing latest techniques, controlling pests and facilitating diversity all fall within the purview of agriculture development. Under this programs are as follows: Organic Agriculture, Productivity Enhancement, Municipal Companion Animal Welfare, Livestock and Poultry Development and Agriculture Sector Development. Second is the Agriculture Extension Service Development Program.

The programs consist of activities for the community development, extension education/non-formal education and information dissemination. It facilitates the implementation of program and services that geared towards empowering agricultural communities and sectors especially the farmers. One of the main constraints to development that many farmers face is isolation, and a feeling that there is little they can do to change their lives. Some farmers have spent all their lives struggling in difficult circumstances to provide for their families with little support or encouragement.

It is important for extension to work closely with farmers, helping them to take the initiative and generally encouraging them to become involved in extension activities. Equally important is to convince farmers that they can do things for themselves, that they can make decisions and that they have the ability to break out of their poverty.

The following are the series of programs under extension services: Farmers Field School (PalayCheck System, PALAYAMANAN System, Farmers Livestock School, Integrated PestManagement, Climate Smart Farm Business School), Participatory Action Research TeknoKlinik (PAR TeknoKlinik), Techno Information Caravan, Farmers Day and Agri-TradeFair.

The Local Government of Pavia under the administration of Mayor Luigi Gorriceta through the Municipal Agriculture Office is continuously empowering and working with the farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs to assure sustainable and resilient agricultural development and extension services. Advocating the use of high yield adoption technology, upgrading the knowledge and skills of the farmers with the modern farming approaches through extension education help attain agricultural productivity and profitability, sustainability, and rice food safety and security while conserving the ecological bio-diversity.

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