July 19, 2024 8:20 PM

LGU Pavia Kicks-off 18-Day Campaign to End VAW


Early in the morning of November 25, officials and employees from the local government of Pavia along with the participating agencies and organizations convened together for a kick-off ceremony in support with the 18-Day Campaign to end Violence Against Women (VAW) celebration at the Pavia Public Plaza.

A symbolic fun ride dubbed as “Juana Ride” brought enthusiasm to all the participants as various bike groups had a fun ride within the major thoroughfares of Pavia.

A foot parade was also conducted and was participated by different government agencies, organizations and zumba groups. It was then followed by “paVAWhas”, a zumba dance party featuring the best zumba groups in Pavia.

Present during the event are Vice Mayor Bibo Gerochi, SB Members JP Peñol, Ariel Gerada, Rhia Sotomil, who spearheaded the said program together with Ms. Wilnah Valdez from MSWDO and SKMF President Gerard Peter Zaldarriaga. PMAJ Dadje Delima shared valuable insights on gender-based violence and emphasized the importance of being sensitive and respectful of everyone’s human rights, among others.

Pavianhon and world-class artist Ms. Daphne Jontarciego entertained the crowd with her superb rendition of the themesong “Si Juana Ako”.

The short program was then followed by a seminar about RA 9262, the Anti-Bastos Law which was attended by various women’s group and members of the newly-formed Movement Opposed to Violence Against Women Everywhere (MOVE).

The 18-Day Campaign to End VAW is observed annually from November 25 to December 12 to raise awareness among all stakeholders that VAW is a public issue of national concern to be able to achieve a community that is free from VAW.

This year’s campaign theme “UNiTED for a VAW-Free Philippines” is a call for everyone to join forces in addressing the global pandemic of violence against women and girls. The campaign aims to promote awareness on the forms of violence being experienced by women and girls; provide information on laws protecting women and girls; feature VAW-related services that people may access and avail; and gather public support for the campaign.

The Local Government of Pavia headed by Mayor Luigi Gorriceta stands firm with its commitment to support the campaign through imparting the advocacy in schools, in the office and in our homes, thus instilling the importance of mutual respect for human rights of everyone.

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