July 15, 2024 4:53 PM

LGU Pavia Hosts Remarkable Mass Wedding for 34 Couples


On February 16, 2024, the Local Government of Pavia once again hosted a Civil Mass Wedding known as “Gugma sa Pavia,” uniting 34 couples in marriage in a touching celebration of love and unity.

The important occasion, which marked a noteworthy custom in the town’s yearly calendar, was held at the Pavia Multi-Purpose Gymnasium.

This noble initiative is a testament to the town’s commitment to fostering community bonds and promoting the institution of marriage. The Civil Mass Wedding is a cherished tradition that offers couples an opportunity to formalize their commitment in a collective and joyous ceremony.

Mayor Luigi Gorriceta, officiated the mass wedding ceremony and emphasized that marriage is binding two people as one for a lifetime. The Mass Wedding was a dream come true to the 34 couples coming from all walks of life as each couple marched with pride which was witnessed by their families and friends.

Under the competent leadership of Atty. Jenny Servidad and her committed staff, the Local Civil Registry Office effectively handled the logistical aspects of the Mass Wedding with the support of the MSWDO Personnel. The perfect implementation of the event was made possible by the overwhelming support of the municipal officials, headed by Mayor Luigi Gorriceta.

Wedding gifts, cakes, wines and the couples’ pre-nuptial photos were given to the newlyweds after signing the marriage certificates together with their godparents. Delectable dishes and sumptuous food were served which was sponsored by the LGU Pavia.

Congressman Michael Gorriceta, Ma’am Goretti M. Novilla (Officer-in-Charge PSA RSSO6-Iloilo), Vice Mayor Bibo Gerochi and the Sangguniang Bayan Members were among those who attended the ceremony, witnessing the exchange of vows and committing to support the newlyweds on their path forward together. Their involvement underscored the town’s commitment to being an integral part of the milestones in its residents’ lives.

Teamwork and a sense of community involvement are what made the “Gugma sa Pavia” Mass Wedding Program a success. In addition to strengthening individual ties, the act of uniting spouses in a communal ceremony also serves to strengthen the spirit of unity and togetherness.

The Local Government of Pavia sends each couple its warmest congratulations and well wishes as they set out on their marriage journey. May their union be characterized by love, compassion, and joy that is shared by all, and may the LGU’s dedication to hosting activities that focus on the community thrive in the years to come.

Padayon sa Pagpalangga-anay!

Padayon sa Pag-Arangka, Pavia!!

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