July 15, 2024 4:17 PM

KADIWA Financial Grant Assistance


KADIWA Financial Grant Assistance intends to help farmers and efectively improve the food distribution system.

Specifically, it aims to:

1. Capacitate farmers and fisherfolks to become reliable and efficient food commodity suppliers.

2. Increase the number of farmers and fisherfolks Cooperatives and Associations who will engage and participate in KADIWA selling activities.

3. Encourage partnerships between the proponent and private sectors/institutional buyers to ensure the sustainability of the agri enterprise.

Pavia Entrepreneurs Multi Purpose Cooperative (PEMPC) granted an amount of P500,000.00 for trading capital. It will serve as a working capital for the procurement of farmer’s produce.

Seen in the picture are Mayor Luigi Gorriceta, OIC Municipal Agriculturist, Phil Roland Cabrera, PEMPC Chairperson Bethel Jagolino and PEMPC Manager Joy Palmada during the Presentation of KADIWA Financial Grant Assistance.

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