July 14, 2024 9:14 PM

Istorya sang Karsada sa Pavia


The putting up of the new street signs is an initiative of Pavia Tourism and Development Office and Mayor Luigi Gorriceta. It is aimed to educate and familiarize the Pavianhons of the streets of their town and how they came about. Furthermore, this project will help locate addresses faster and assist tourists and visitors find their way around town.

TRIVIA: Municipality of Pavia is believed to have been established in 1848 during the Spanish Occupation by thirteen (13) landowners and to this day nine (9) of them were immortalized by municipal street named after them.

The 13 landowners were the following and guess who got a street named after them?

1) Anacleto Hedriana
2) Marcos Evangelista
3) Barbarino Maquiling
4) Constantino Gumban
5) Graciano Gonzaga
6) One Surnamed Ramos
7) One Surnamed Remegio
8 ) One Surnamed Leocadio
9) One Surnamed Gregori
10) Mariano Maquiling
11) Vicente Hechanova
12) Locario Jontanilla
13) Jorge Jagolino

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