July 15, 2024 4:58 PM

Colgate, Philippine Dental Association, Launches the “Isang Milyong Sipilyo, Angat Ngiting Pilipino”


Colgate, the leading oral health brand in the Philippines, partnered with the Philippine Dental Association (PDA) to the launch of “Isang Milyong Sipilyo, Angat Ngiting Pilipino” program on February 26, 2024 at the Pavia Pilot Elementary School.

During the event’s kickoff, elementary students from Pavia Pilot Elementary School learned the value of good oral hygiene and how to properly brush their teeth from Colgate and the PDA. As part of the “Isang Milyong Sipilyo, Angat Ngiting Pilipino” program, Colgate distributed oral hygiene kits to students.

PPES Teaching Force headed by its Principal, Ma’am Loyda Subong and PSDS Ma’am Melanie Villalon rallied in a pledge to always protect the student’s teeth – staying true to their commitment of keeping children at school and away from absenteeism.

Students received Oral Health Education from the Philippine Dental Association, Iloilo Doctors College School of Dentistry and West Visayas State University – College of Dentistry which taught them the principles of good tooth brushing habits. This powerful show of solidarity illustrated the nation’s dentists’ unwavering commitment to encouraging good oral hygiene practices.

Mayor Luigi Gorriceta stressed in his speech that the dental health of the young children should be given top priority since it is crucial to both their overall well-being and the development of a healthy community. Additionally, he gave everyone the assurance that the local government will never waver in its support of health programs that promote the development and well-being of Pavianhon children.

Colgate-Palmolive Philippines Inc. and the Philippine Dental Association are both firm believers that every Filipino deserves not only a bright smile, but also a bright future.

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