Barangay Pandac is a small barangay located 3 kilometers away from the town of Pavia and 14 kilometers from the airport.

The barangay occupies the coastal central portion of Iloilo.  Its borders are Jibao-an in the south, Balabag in the west, Aganan in the north and Ungka II in the east.

The topography of the barangay is totally flat plains with no coastal area. It is traversed by a small and narrow creek going to Salog River.

The barangay has a total population of 2,251 as of year 2010 census.

Economic Resources
Rice is still the main agricultural crop of the barangay with 345.3 hectares planted to rice in 1998 with production of 679.s metric tons. Other crops are mango, watermelon, melon, eggplant and leafy vegetables.

Livestock and poultry population includes carabao, cattle, goat, swine and poultry. Barangay Pandac is one of the Agro-Industrial Sites of the Municipality of Pavia. The main attraction of the barangay is pottery-making.

The barangay has a new Barangay Health Station headed by Ms. Leonita Hubag assisted by 10 Barangay Health Workers. There is also a Barangay Hall with an area of 70 square meters and constructed during the term of the 1994-1997 Barangay Officials. The barangay has also a Day Care Center, an Elementary School and a Barangay Tanod Outpost.

Power is supplied by ILECO I while telephone line is extended by PLDT. Irrigation water is supplied by San Miguel Dam. The source of potable water are jetmatic pumps, deep wells, spring and the Metro Iloilo Water District.