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Section 17 of the Local Government Code of the Philippines mentions the discharge of functionsand taking over responsibilities of national office and agencies, by the provision of the Code, have been devolved to the local government units like functions pertaining to agriculture, health, public works,social welfare, education, tourism, telecommunications, housing projects and other services.

Social services include protection for the elderly and disabled, rehabilitation for beggars, juvenile delinquents, drug addicts, etc., observing proper nutrition, family planning, undertakinglivelihood projects, etc while Health services include control of diseases. Treatment thereof, maintenance of health and daycare centers, etc.


We will continue developing the entrepreneurial skills of our people especially the women and marginalized.  We will provide additional social services funds so that the “Uswag Kabuhian” and other livelihood programs can be availed by more indigent families. We will also help promote our proudly made Pavia products, such as our pottery, food products and famous “baye-baye”. 

The Local Economic and Investment Promotion Office, with the collaboration of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office, the Municipal Agriculture Office, the Municipal Planning and Development Office, and the Office of Congressman Arcadio H. Gorriceta, were able to conduct trainings, seminars and workshops which has equipped Pavianhon micro-entrepreneurs with knowledge on how to improve their products and services.  

Our strong collaboration with the Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Labor and Employment, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Agriculture, Technical Skills and Development Authority, Philippine Commission on Women and other national government agencies, was instrumental in the establishment of the Pavia Livelihood and Technology Center.  This center will be a venue for our local micro-entrepreneurs to produce, package and label their products so that their marketability will enhance which in turn would uplift the economic status of many families. We will also help our entrepreneurs to expedite the processing of their business through our soon to open Go Negosyo Center.

Social service is a multifarious task and so we have provided additional personnel to attend to the needs of the various sectors that they serve.  We are doing this to ensure that all Pavianhons, especially the marginalized, are not deprived of the services offered by our local government unit.


It is still the most important aspect of development as this is truly the key to one’s success. A milestone in Education was marked with the Construction of a 3-Storey 18-Classroom School Building to cater the K-12 Program of the Department of Education. Free School Supplies is also given to pupils from Day Care, Kinder, Grade 1 up to Grade 6 every opening of the school year. The “Bulig sa Pagtuon” Scholarship Program has granted Eight Hundred Thirteen Thousand Three Hundred Five Pesos in scholarships to over 2000 underprivileged students, giving our Pavianhon youth the opportunity to attain what would perhaps have been a previously elusive dream—a high school diploma and a college education in the future to set them up for a better life.

Not only that, we have provided funds for the acquisition of equipment and other needs of our Senior High School students especially those who are taking up the Technical Vocational Track.
On a personal note, Mayor Michael B. Gorriceta have  a  vision  of  a  society  where  children  and  adults  with  special  educational  needs  receive  an  education  that  enables  them  to achieve  their  potential. Thus, we are happy to inform everyone that we offer the best Special Education for students with special educational needs. We have institutionalized our SPED Program already but we will provide more facilities for our children with special needs.

This administration will also continue elevating the standard of education.  In order that we can be guided accordingly, all school administrators were requested to again make an inventory of the buildings, facilities and equipment in their respective schools.  They are also encouraged to meet the parents other school stakeholders so that they can formulate comprehensive school improvement plans which will serve as basis in providing funds for the development of our school campuses.


To serve and protect the community is not just the domain of our gallant police officers.  This needs the collaborative effort of all sectors of our community.  Crime prevention starts when we are aware of the fact that we are vulnerable to people with criminal intentions.  However, criminals are deterred when they know that we are vigilant.  Thus, the Pavia Municipal Police Station has proposed some measures that would guide the Pavianhons on how to prevent crimes. 

Mayor Gorriceta has given top priority to this area in order to achieve progress and prosperity. The unrelenting efforts of the present leadership in pursuit of a peaceful and progressive community is reaping dividends as it can now be seen from the town’s impressive performance in many aspects of governance.


In order to become less vulnerable to natural and man-made hazards, we should adopt a disaster risk reduction and management approach that is comprehensive and proactive in lessening the socioeconomic and environmental impacts of disasters including climate change, and promote the involvement and participation of all sectors and all stakeholders concerned, at all levels, especially the barangay level.

We have already established our Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office and they have a marching order to do everything that must be done and buy everything that is needed just to ensure that in times of calamities and emergencies all Pavianhons must be safe.
Mayor Michael B. Gorriceta also recognizes the need for enhanced emergency response resources in the wake of recent and unprecedented natural and man-made disasters and medical emergencies in the Municipality of Pavia. Thus, the Pavia Emergency Responders (PAVERS) was reactivated and revitalized. It now responds “on-call” to vehicular accidents, serious injuries and provides ambulance crew for medical transportation, operating 8AM to 5PM, week days.


The Bureau of Fire Protection is an agency of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) responsible for implementing national policies related to Firefighting and Fire Prevention as well as implementation of the Philippine Fire Code (PD 1185), which was repealed and replaced by the New Fire Code of the Philippines (RA 9514). Formerly known as the Integrated National Police-Fire Service, the BFP is in charge of the administration and management of municipal and city fire and emergency services all over the country.

The BFP traces its roots from the defunct Constabulary Fire Protection Bureau, then later PC-INP Office of Fire Protection Service. The agency was founded on January 29, 1991, pursuant to the provisions of Republic Act 6975, which established the Department of Interior and Local Government. 

On the municipal level, the Pavia Fire Station is responsible for the fire protection and various emergency services such as rescue and evacuation of injured people at fire-related incidents and, in general, all fire prevention and suppression measures to secure the safety of life and property of the citizenry.

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