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Tourist Attractions

Tourist Attractions

Pavia Parish Church

Pavia Parish Church, popularly known as Sta. Monica Parish Church is a century-old church built by the Spanish Augustinian Fathers sometime in 1862. The interior and exterior walls of this Romanesque-Byzantine church are made entirely of red-bricks, making it the only one existing in the island of Panay. It is said that the structure was copied from a church in Pavia, Italy.

Sta. Monica Parish Church as it is popularly known was built and designed by the Augustinian Fathers sometime in 1862. It is inspired from the 11th Century Basilica of San Michele Maggiore of Pavia, Italy. The church façade is decorated with semi-circular arched windows and entrances. It has a very simple design, a rectangular shaped-floor plan with a barrel-shaped apse at the back of the church. Three wooden doors serve as entrances to the church, one at the entrance and the other two at both sides.
The front of the church has six panel windows supported by semi-circular arches at the center; all decorated with stained glasses depicting significant events in Christ’s life here on earth. The entrance to the church is a covered porch gated by semi-circular arches as well, with Greek crosses decorating the walls.
Phases of Restoration

Started on 2003, the Pavia Church has undergone several and gradual restoration, thus preserving its beauty and heritage. A summary of restoration efforts is as follows:

2003: Repair of the whole facade
2004: Strengthening of the brick walls and apse
2005-2006: Repair of the Sacristy and Choir Loft
2007: Application of Stained Glasses at the front facade
2008-2009: Installation of three wooden doors, window glasses and iron grills at the southwest and northeast faces
2010-2011 (for completion): Floor elevation and Two belfries; replacement of wooden trusses into steel trusses and installation of new roofing using CPAC materials; construction of a whole new altar.

Pavia Town Plaza

Adjudged by the Canadian Urban Institute (CUI) as the BEST PLAZA in Metro-Iloilo and Guimaras during the Search for “Pretty Plaza, Banwa Gwapa” last December 2007 as sponsored by the Metro-Iloilo Guimaras Development Council, Committee in Tourism and commended by Former President GLORIA MACAPAGAL-ARROYO as “well-manicured” plaza.

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