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Pavia Products

Pavia Products


The Municipality of Pavia is known for its baye-baye cottage industry. Baye-baye is a sweet Ilonggo delicacy made from scraped young coconut meat, sugar and pinipig. It is a perfect match for coffee or sodas. It is also well-loved by children because of its sweet consistent taste.

It is said that Pavia’s Baye-baye is the best in Iloilo it is one of the oldest industry that originated from Barangay Cabugao Sur. Other than the baye-baye, it also manufactures pinipig or roasted and pounded rice grain. Pavia’s best baye-baye is made from carefully selected ingredients. The choice of coconut, kind of sugar used and how well the pinipig was made counts a lot in the cooking. Its mixture would also depend on the proportions of its ingredients. Baye-baye-making in itself is not laborious but all it needs is completion of the ingredients before its preparation.

Baye-baye usually comes in packs of five but for special orders one can have the natural goodness of it in bigger servings – baye-baye on a plate.

The popularity of this sweet treat has made it a favorite pasalubong item from those hailing from Iloilo. Through the years, PAVIA’s BAYE-BAYE remained true to form – simple yet delicious.


In Iloilo, pottery-making has been a thriving industry since time immemorial. One of the ancient means of livelihood and crafts, “Pottery” still holds true to residents of two (2) barangays in the Municipality of Pavia, providing economic activities in those barangays and improving their way of life.
Barangays Pandac and Jibao-an are famous for their pottery works and are currently known as the pottery-making capital of Western Visayas.

Pottery makers made pots (coron), firewood-fired stoves (sig-ang), drinking jars (banga) and water containers (tadyaw) using the open pit firing method. The finished products that are created are very affordable and are usually supplied to hotels in Boracay and Manila, but most especially, they cater to local demands. The pots that they produce are being transferred from these two barangays to the public markets of the City of Iloilo and many other towns surrounding it

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