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It is still the most important aspect of development as this is truly the key to one’s success. A milestone in Education was marked with the Construction of a 3-Storey 18-Classroom School Building to cater the K-12 Program of the Department of Education. Free School Supplies is also given to pupils from Day Care, Kinder, Grade 1 up to Grade 6 every opening of the school year. The “Bulig sa Pagtuon” Scholarship Program has granted Eight Hundred Thirteen Thousand Three Hundred Five Pesos in scholarships to over 2000 underprivileged students, giving our Pavianhon youth the opportunity to attain what would perhaps have been a previously elusive dream—a high school diploma and a college education in the future to set them up for a better life.

Not only that, we have provided funds for the acquisition of equipment and other needs of our Senior High School students especially those who are taking up the Technical Vocational Track.

On a personal note, Mayor Michael B. Gorriceta have  a  vision  of  a  society  where  children  and  adults  with  special  educational  needs  receive  an  education  that  enables  them  to achieve  their  potential. Thus, we are happy to inform everyone that we offer the best Special Education for students with special educational needs. We have institutionalized our SPED Program already but we will provide more facilities for our children with special needs.

This administration will also continue elevating the standard of education.  In order that we can be guided accordingly, all school administrators were requested to again make an inventory of the buildings, facilities and equipment in their respective schools.  They are also encouraged to meet the parents other school stakeholders so that they can formulate comprehensive school improvement plans which will serve as basis in providing funds for the development of our school campuses.

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