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Disaster Management

In order to become less vulnerable to natural and man-made hazards, we should adopt a disaster risk reduction and management approach that is comprehensive and proactive in lessening the socioeconomic and environmental impacts of disasters including climate change, and promote the involvement and participation of all sectors and all stakeholders concerned, at all levels, especially the barangay level.

We have already established our Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office and they have a marching order to do everything that must be done and buy everything that is needed just to ensure that in times of calamities and emergencies all Pavianhons must be safe. Mayor Michael B. Gorriceta also recognizes the need for enhanced emergency response resources in the wake of recent and unprecedented natural and man-made disasters and medical emergencies in the Municipality of Pavia. Thus, the Pavia Emergency Responders (PAVERS) was reactivated and revitalized. It now responds “on-call” to vehicular accidents, serious injuries and provides ambulance crew for medical transportation, operating 8AM to 5PM, week days.


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